6 Ways Organizations can create a Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem with their Workforce

It is seen that the leaders across various industries are talking about a vision for the organizations to transform and grow exponentially to seemingly unbelievable heights. However, the leaders and the workforce seem to be disconnected on the relevance and implementation of the goals. For organizations to actually meet their

How LinkedIn acquisition reflects a sea change in Microsoft’s Strategy

Microsoft buying LinkedIn for $26.2Bn made headlines as it not only is one of the largest Tech acquisitions this year but also reflects a sea change in the long term strategy of Microsoft. In line with its vision to provide best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first cloud-first world,


Bijapur, the southernmost district of Chhattisgarh bordering Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra is where I had to dispense my duties as Micro Observer for Phase I polling of Lok Sabha elections ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m3Jk3G_RTE )This journey didn’t just take me to another world but also unravelled mysteries, myths and apprehensions I had

Is Automation the Future ?

  Automation is the future as industries call it. Is it? Business enterprises are not what we define them to be. They are meant to add value to the society and people. The only value they fulfill the is the brainwashed consumerism. It is normal or a firm to make profits