Dummies guide to stock markets and trading_1

Welcome to the dummies guide to stock market trading. The article be addressing the following things What is a stock market and should I invest? If yes how much? Which broker should I choose from and how to open a demat account? Which instrument should I trade in ? How do I understand the stock […]




Bijapur, the southernmost district of Chhattisgarh bordering Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra is where I had to dispense my duties as Micro Observer for Phase I polling of Lok Sabha elections ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m3Jk3G_RTE )This journey didn’t just take me to another world but also unravelled mysteries, myths and apprehensions I had about the gravest internal security […]

Is Automation the Future ?

  Automation is the future as industries call it. Is it? Business enterprises are not what we define them to be. They are meant to add value to the society and people. The only value they fulfill the is the brainwashed consumerism. It is normal or a firm to make profits out of the business […]


Should I Buy Freedom 251?

It seems like yesterday when I first held my first Nokia 2100. My dad paid a fortune for it. But Technology diffusion and innovation have been so rapid that these phones are now completely obsolete. These phone are no where to be found in the market. A few pieces might be lying at a collectors […]


DL car

The Dilemma of a Driver less Car

Self driving cars is a cool concept. Every major enterprise is developing its own algorithm. Driver-less cars was science fiction that has come true. Life would be so much easier once a car is embedded with this technology. The software will never break a rule and accidents will be reduced. A tired worker returning from […]

Yuan’s inclusion in SDR: Dawn of a new era?

November 30, 2015 symbolizes an ‘economic coming of age’ for China. It is on this date that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) gave its nod to the inclusion of Yuan as the fifth currency in the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket. This change will take effect from October 2016 so as to give ample time […]

The Yuan challenge for the US Dollar


Volkswagen – People’s Car No More?

The auto industry was shaken up by a controversy at one of the biggest car makers in the world-Volkswagen. A company noted for its engineering prowess which took pride in displaying billboards showing its engineers having angel wings came under severe attack from authorities and customers alike for fitting its cars with engines which were […]

Is Flipkart an Indian Company? 1

What a silly Question?  We all know that it is an Indian Origin company based out of Bangalore. Is it so? If you check the Wikipedia page of Flipkart (link) you will be quite surprised to know that it is a Singaporean company, which operates in India. You don’t trust me , have a look […]


EU crisis

The Greece Debt Crisis

Greece crisis in short is about the defaults in payment to the IMF. This means that Greece economy doesn’t generate enough money to pay its debts. What is EU? EU is an union of mostly European countries established for mutual benefit of the states in terms of political and economical stability. EU aimed to have […]